State Interactive was founded in 2012, out of love for production and quality. We enjoy what we do, and we always strive to become better at it - staying up to date in an ever changing digital landscape. We think its important to work closely together with our clients, to produce something that we’re all proud of!

How we roll, and why you should roll with us too!

We believe in being efficient and productive, while having fun. The more time we get to find the best solution, the better the final product is going to be. When taking away unneccesary overhead, and optimizing the communication between us and our clients, we can work harder, and work better. Add some passion to that, and you’ll see some magic happen!

Pre-Production & Creative

Early on in the project we can work with the creative concept, identify weaknesses and finding solutions to the problems at hand. Since we are fluent in many different platforms and techniques we are not limited when coming up with solutions. When the concept and idea is set, we can start hashing out the plan for the project, often starting with somekind of wireframe or blueprint, to describe the interactions and user experience.

Design & Art-Direction

We have a long experience in designing digital experiences, customized for different screens and devices. Usually we start out by gathering references, wireframes and make sure that we get all assets from the client. From here we start an iterative process, where we create a style suitable for the given project. Together with the client we find the most appropriate way of bringing the user experience to life.

Prototyping & Development

During our development we make sure to identify and prototype the most cruicial part at an early stage - this way we can make sure that we are using the right tools and adjust functionality or design according to technical limitations. We analyze and test our code, to make sure we are always on the right track. We always work closely with our clients, showing progress and discussing solutions. When a project comes to an end we optimize and document our code, and make sure there are no bugs running around in our system!


Below is a selection of the clients we are proud to have worked with - ranging from small one-man-companies to large corporations. We’ve launched global campaigns, but also smaller scale projects for local business.


During the years we have received a range of different awards, from all around the world. Some from the largest award-shows, but also from some less known - and we realized that sometimes we value these even more… Getting recognition from new people are always exciting!

This didn’t start out as a 9-5. It began as a lovestory.

A significant thing about working at State Interactive is that we don’t just see it as “working”. We’re a tightly knit team that loves what we do, and have come in to this business out of passion for production. We often share our experiences, always trying to get better at what we do, and learn from eachother. Exploring new technologies and expanding our knowledge, not just in the fields we are comfortable in - we think that the most exciting is going to new places and trying out new things!

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