Värt en omväg

We think carpooling is great! Especially when it’s done in the way Volvo does it - Sunfleet is a way to affordably pick up a car and go on a daytrip. And we do love those weekend getaways - around Stockholm there is so much to explore, and you won’t have to go that far. When Animal came to us with this concept, we felt like it was right up our alley, or country road so to speak.

Vartenomvag3 Intro

The idea was to collect the best spots (called smultronställen in Swedish - literally meaning ‘wild strawberry picking spots’), and showcase them on a site, where you could get inspired to take the step to rent a Sunfleet car. In a guide filled with easily accessible content, with a high finish, giving the current and potentially new customers at Sunfleet added value. Easily put in the context of the brand - linking you to your closest car pool location and giving you the driving-distance from that particular spot to your chosen destination.

Sunfleet Browse Places2
Framing it

The spots collected and photographed were amazing and now it was up to us to put this in a fully responsive and user friendly experience. We don’t take these things lightly and as always we put a lot of effort into the details, making a smooth and customized website. Through the browser API we could get your current position, and with a little help from Google Maps API we could calculate distances, depending on where you were.

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