Reduce the catastrophe

It has been proven that aid given before a catastrophy hits is worth many times more than money spent in the areas to help reducing the damages of an already widespread disaster. We Effect is a Swedish charity focusing on helping people before they are in need, by educating and building a stronger society. To visualize how we could reduce the catastrophe in beforehand, and to urge people to donate money, the catastrophe was represented by a black cube - the unknown and abstract danger that is lurking. We built a website where visitors were able to pick the cube apart, dismantling the horrors and donating money to people in need.

Weeffect Start
Your own cube

On the website we built an interactive 3D-model of the cube, broken down into 3000 smaller cubes. By picking your own cube from the model, you would be able to donate and “remove” that piece from the larger cube. Piece by piece the visitors contributed to the people in need. As a token of your your generosity, you would get the physical mini-cube sent in the mail - the piece of the catastrophe that you helped to remove!

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Revealing an oasis

As you enter the website you will see the cubes that were already bought disappear, revealing part of the landscape behind it. Hiding in the shadow of the horrible catastrophe is a thriving oasis, symbolizing that the more we donate, the more we will help. Since the money donated will be invested in educating and preparing those who live in poor and exposed countries that are often affected the worst. This was also further explained in the articles below the visualization.

We Effect V03
Standing up for those in need

On top of the ability to donate money (which was enabled through four different payment-methods), there was a petition to get our Swedish politicians to raise the amount of money sent as relief to troubled areas. There was also articles with more information about the organization’s efforts and stories about successful reduction of catastrophes.