Gainomax offers a variety of top notch protein bars, shakes and other exercise products, all while boasting a crazy, humoristic and laid-back approach in their communication – We love it! It’s totally different from the generic b/w photos of magnified muscles with messages like  “GET RIPPED, FAST!” or similar slapped on there. Therefore we were super stoked when they asked us to lead the re-design their digital brand platform, to go with the fresh new identity they were rolling out!

Gainomax Splash
Look & Feel

First off we needed to set the tone for the digital design. With a personality as unique as Gainomax, it felt imperative that we allowed for this to shine through in the site as well. So, together with the agency and Gainomax, we came up with a mood and tonality grounded in being playful, funny, cocky and energetic – within a clean, contemporary and structured environment.

Gainomax Mood Big
Gainomax Element Banana Small
Peel, peel, peel. Make it simpler!

An insight straight from Gainomax was that their existing site structure felt too complex and daily maintenance was unintuitive and hard. Therefore we streamlined the complete UX and content structure by boiling down the amount of sections to a hero selection, focusing on content and information that resonated with the target audience and amplified the brands position. We also implemented a new Admin/CMS that was tailored for the new structure which created a smoother experience and lowered the threshold for daily maintenance.

Don't just inform. Inspire!

An overall mantra for the new Gainomax wab was that we weren’t gonna build another corporate web, but rather an inspirational brand site that the target group would actually appreciate to visit – not just to find hard facts or contact details but because it focused on the things that actually mattered to them. Based on this we really zoned in on three main categories we knew our visitors really cared about – The Products, The Ambassadors and The Recovery process. Through this work, we for example, came up with a new categorisation logic for their product range that showcased a personal product selection based on what approach and/or goal you were focused on with your training. As well as creating a dedicated space for ambassadors of the Gainomax brand through inspirational profile portraits, including preferred products and more.

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