Chill Out Wines

The wine producer Chill Out was relaunching their brand, and with that create and update their digital platform to match their rebrand. And who better to help out with that than us! The result is something that we are very proud of, combing live content with product facts that still are playful and easy to grasp.

Chill Out Start
Movements and visual

A key aspect in production was to focus on the visuals and the animations, in order to feed the user’s curiosity. We used modern techniques to bring the content to life, in intricate moving patterns.

Chill Out Glas Chill Out Grid
The elastic products

The products are stacked up in an “elastic” slider that expands and contracts based on the user’s interaction. This gives the user an overview of the complete product line, at the same time making the details easily accessed!

Chill Out Products Grid
Easy to update

In order to make the site bullet proof for the future, we integrated and easy-to-use CMS system, where all the content on the site can be updated dynamically!

Chill Out Craft