In Sweden we love our cinnamons-buns so much we have a specific day for them. Two years in a row we teamed up with the agency Volontaire to create a social based ‘pay-it-forward’ online campaign, where you easily can send buns to your friends. If that’s not good enough, the campaign is a collaboration between a Swedish bake-off company and charity foundation that fights for breast cancer. For every bun that is sent 40% of the profit are given to charity - double up!

Bullogram Top Bullogram Landing
Visualizing the spread

The concept is to build a chain of senders - sort of like a chain letter, but with buns! While receivers of the bun choose to send their friends a bun - the campaign builds up a visual representation of the paying-forward, so people can watch how the chain of receivers just keeps growing! This created an incentive for the starters of the chain to spread it and recruit their friends, giving them not only bragging rights about the size of the chain, but also the amount that would be donated to the charity.

Bullogram Kedja
Paying for a good cause

To make this experience seamless we also made an integrated payment system, with secure payments going straight through our site. No hassle! And no hustle! We collected the payments, sent SMS to the receiver, connected to a QR-code system that would make sure you would get your bun easily by just scanning your code in the convenient store, and then a part of the payment would go to the charity.

Bullogram Skicka
Two years, spreading the word

When next years cinnamon-bun day was coming Volontaire came back for a second run - this time focused more on spreading knowledge about breast cancer. Organic spread and sharing was crucial for the campaign, and we knew that we had to be seen to be heard - now sending the gifts through Facebook showing that you did a good deed. At the same time your friends could keep sending the same bun forward, increasing the spread of both the campaign and the buns.

Bullogram Bun