Beach Boar

As a part of introducing the sport “Frescobol” to a Swedish audience there was going to be some explaining to do… The sport is huge in other parts of the world, but virtually not existing in Sweden. The people behind Beach boar came to us for help to launch their new product - a brand new racket which will revolutionize the sport of Frescobol - and get people talking about it. The interesting part about this new product was also that it took Frescobol to another level - brining professional gear to the market, a premium product never seen before.

Moving down

We came up with a concept, where the new racket would pose as a centrepiece in an experience that guided the visitor through an introduction to Frescobol and Beach boar. We crafted a onepager with scroll-triggered animations and layout that adjusted to the users interaction.

Getting deeper into the scroll

While scrolling we present fact’s and fun about the sport and some mouth watering details about the racket itself. Finally the visitor is encouraged to sign up for the release of the racket, and get further information about Frescobol.

Beachboar Info
Game basics

Since “Frescobol” is not a widespread sport in Sweden - we explained the basic rules, in an animated guide. A mouthful of easily digested information, in an effort to get people interested in a truly engaging sport. After writing about the rules we had to practice some, here at the office, and didn't destroy almost anything...