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State Interactive is an award-winning production studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. We’re passionate about communication and craftsmanship, and strive to create the best of both worlds – designing inspiring experiences that build brands, in the process.  


Power to surf day and night Campaign / App

With unlimited surf comes unlimited power – To surf day and night! Powernap allows you to surf even in your sleep. Get it now!

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Coughing Clio! News / Awards

We're humble and honored that our work with Coughing Billboard for Apotek Hjärtat has won a Bronze in INNOVATION at the 2017 Clio Awards 

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Get, set, go! Interactive / Platform

Excited to finally launch the new, mobile-first, "Start"-platform for the international running phenomenon that is Midnattsloppet.

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Initiate: World domination Studio / Team

Happy to announce that overall technical wizard Martin Lindström joins our team. Warm welcome!

Karaoke at it's best! Interactive / Campaign

New mobile first solution for Falcon and Animal. Sing your way to Tokyo!

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H&M Foundation 500 Interactive / Campaign

Foundation 500 is a list of  women entrepreneurs who also happen to be women – growing their businesses in the harshest startup environments in the world.

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..\\ + -\/\- = <3 News / Company

Thrilled to finally share the news that we're teaming up with our friends at Another Agency – and in doing so get the collective awesomeness to create even more and better experiences together! More info coming soon. Follow the link to read the announcement article on Resumé (Swedish only).

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H&M <3 Coachella 2017 Interactive / Campaign

We're stoked that the H&M <3 Coachella 2017 campaign is finally live! Peep the full experience and collection over at the site.

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The Coughing Billboard Installation / Campaign

Just before Christmas we helped create "The Coughing Billboard" for Apotek Hjärtat. An interactive billboard, pimped with various tech to detect when someone nearby was smoking – and react to it. 

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Worth A Detour, with Volvo's Sunfleet! Interactive / Campaign

Worth A Detour is an inspirational platform where you can explore locations which might just be worth a detour, when cruising with you Sunfleet car.

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New site is live! News / Interactive

Since you're browsing it, you've probably noticed that State WWWeb 3.0 is here, along with loads of new featured posts and cases! Enjoy. 

Brand new brand site for Gainomax Brand / Interactive

The Monkey Guru approves of the new brand site we made for Gainomax. You should too, or he might unleash his wrath upon us all!

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Double Spinn nominations News / Awards

Sex-o-meter up for nomination in both "Digital campaign" & "Public information campaign" -of the year. Giddy up!

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Site launch for WTP Brand / Interactive

We just helped launch the new brand site for WayToPark, to go with the upcoming re-launch of their mobile app. Check it out!

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We're on Instagram News / Social

Like the headline subtly implies. We're on Instagram. Deal with it!

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How good is your dialect game? Interactive / Campaign

With Le bureau we created a dialect test for the airline BRA Flyg. Listen to the voice and set the correct city and become be the dialect-master! 

Want a seat at the sweetest office in town? Misc / Free Seat

We have a couple of leftover seats that needs fillin'. Are you a digital freelancer feeling lonely? Why don't setup your workstation at our place! Get in touch for more details. 

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State Labs working overtime Labs / Prototyping

Prototyping an interactive installation for Björn Borg, including punching bags, arduino sets, pressure plates... and an emulated version of Punch Out. Trippy!

Foooooooooore! Interactive / Campaign

Allegra hooked up Sweden's first golf tournament for people with poellen allergy! Of course they held it at night when pollen intensity are at it's lowest. We hooked up the site. 

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Let's put a little color on that cabin shall we? Interactive

What would you paint if Alcro paid for the colors? With Färgfonden, Alcro's peers can apply for help with color, material and expertise – to complete a paint job that they might not be able to complete otherwise.

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Golden keys to the city, baby! Awards

Last night we struck gold with the "Hate Workout" campaign, in this years edition of Guldnyckeln ("Golden key" in swedish). An award celebrating the best in Direct Media. We even got to show off some workout moves on stage. Yup. 

Four years baby! Misc / Birthday

It's our birthday! Still going strong! 

Sex-o-meter featured in national TV Interactive / Campaign

The Sex-o-meter got featured in one of Swedens largest morning shows "Nyhetsmorgon", on national TV. Awesome! 

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In the name of science! Interactive / Campaign

How does your performance change when having sex under the influence of alcohol? Find out with Liggometern! 

360 degrees with Samsung and Icona Pop Interactive / Campaign

Have you ever experienced a concert with an opportunity to view it from all 360 angles? No? Now you can with out latest project together with Samsung and Icona Pop!

Adidas Blue Stripes Interactive / Campaign

To celebrate the release of a their new kit, we're letting DIF supporters show their true color, by proving they actually know their true colors.

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Touch me, touch me! AirBar launched Interactive / Tech

Time to get Minority Report on ya'll! Together with SNASK, we helped Neonode Airbar launch the site for their new and revolutionary product.

Re-designing a Way To Park Service / App

Redefining and improving the way you handle your parking sessions with WayToPark. Brand new UX and design by us. Whoop!

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Nutrilett gets silver at Davey Awards Awards / App

Trophy time  
Nutrilett just recieved a silver at Davey Awards!

It’s an interactive PingPong table, ok!? Labs / Interactive

Maybe the coolest thing ever...our latest R&D project P1ng P0ng™, which are taking table tennis to a another level!

Chill Out goes well with new website Interactive / SIte

Fresh out of the oven! A remake of Chill Out's brand site. Check it out

Mobile quiz & DJ- sessions at OFFF Bcn Conference / Mobile

OMG it's an interactive live quiz. Yes, you heard it right! When SNASK was headlining the OFFF festival at Barcelona, we helped them create an interactive quiz, where the question where asked from the stage - and the viewers made their answers through their smartphone!

Smooth as a baby Interactive / Installation

Turn your rugged face into super smooth baby skin, with Apoteket Hjärtat: Bebifiera! We create a website and interactive installation with face -recognition and -transformation, that does just that. 

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Safe travels down Silk Road, Manu Misc / Intern

Thank you for your time Manu. After finishing his internship here at -\/\-, Manu went out to travel the world. Follow him on his blog - we will!

Flippin’ Burgers asked us to make the tastiest site, ever Interactive / Site

We hade the tasty pleasure of creating the new website for one of our favorite brands - Flippin' Burgers.

Steps for currency, with Nutrilett GO! App / Campaign

It's an iPhone app. That counts your steps. And with the steps you get discounts or freebies from the Nutrilett product-line. Yeah!? Yes, it's that simple! 

Hosting the "web week" at Forsbergs Lecturing

This week our Creative Director Niklas is lecturing about WWW and API:s at Forsbergs ad school, together with Simon Karlsson from Jung Relations. Stay in school, kids!

The workout app for everyone who hates to workout App / Service

The first workout program for people who hate to workout. Complete with different personal trainers, workouts, and even a sports therapist to help you climb that mountain! Available on both iOS and Android.

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It just took us two years... Office

But we finally got a proper sign up on our door. Welcome!

Adidas Football Tribes Interactive / Campaign

We just released Adidas Football Tribes, a platform for young talents to show that they have what it takes to compete with the best! Apply digitally, then battle it out at the live event.

The Curved Experiment Interactive / Campaign

To extend Samsung's launch of their Curved UHD TV. we created an Interactive experiment that allows you to extend the limitations of your "ordinary screen" with the help of your smart phone or tablet.

Curved Experiment
Reduce the catastrophy Interactive / Campaign

We helped WeEffect build a platform where anyone can buy a small piece of their "disaster cube" to help reduce the risk and effect of actual disasters, in vulnerable regions around the globe.

Reduce the catastrophe
Digital entrepreneurship Lecturing

This week we're doing a seminar for the Interactive Communications class regarding entrepreneurship as digital creatives and how it's important to take a leap of faith!

Nike Run Viking Design / Identity

We created the identity and designed the graphical assets for the nordic leg of Nike's epic running event series, Nike Run Viking.

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Digital <3 Physical Lecturing

We're lecturing at Berghs SOC about the blurring of lines between communication mediums and how digital and physical mediums can amplify each other.

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